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iLIGHT® Elite Face & Body Hair Removal System

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Image of iLIGHT® Elite Face & Body Hair Removal System

The i-Light Pro IPL system is a revolutionary light-based device designed for the removal of unwanted body hair at home. It uses the same Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that professional dermatologists and salons use, but is optimized for use in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Unlike most at-home hair removal methods, the i-Light Pro IPL system doesn’t cut or pull out hair—it actually works below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs and helps prevent new ones from growing. This is a gradual process. You’ll start to see results within two weeks after your initial treatment and results will improve gradually over time.

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The i-Light Pro IPL system is an over-the-counter device intended for removal of unwanted hair.

Skin Tone

It is intended for use only on light to medium skin colors. To determine if your Skin Tone is suitable to use with i-Light Pro place skin in each intended treatment area next to the Skin Tone Chart. If your Skin Tone matches panels 1-4, you can use the i-Light Pro IPL system. If your Skin Tone matches 5-6, DO NOT use the system.

The i-Light Pro system is also equipped with a built-in SKIN TONE SENSOR that is designed to help prevent flashing on skin that is too dark or too tanned for treatment. Always test each different area you wish to treat with the Skin Tone Chart and Skin Tone Sensor before treating. Some areas are darker than others.

What Is the Intended Use for the i-Light Pro IPL System? (Indications)

Hair Color

It is intended for use on naturally black or brown hair. Do not use i-Light Pro on white or gray hair because it will not work. IPL is less effective on lighter colors, such as blond or red hair.

Body Areas

It is intended for use by women and men on body hair below the neck, including legs, underarms, bikini line, chest, stomach, and arms. It has NOT been cleared in the U.S. for use on the face, head, ears,back or neck.


When used as directed, i-Light Pro IPL system helps remove unwanted hair without the need for daily shaving, wax-ing, or plucking. In a clinical study, after just three treatments, participants show an average of 37% less hair 3-months after the last treatment and 48% less hair 6-months after last treatment. Actual results vary from person to per-son, depend on the body area being treated, and whether instructions were followed correctly.